Detailing Clay Bars

  • Z-Bar Dual Purpose Clay Bar

    Z-Bar Dual Purpose Clay Bar

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    Making the most of a dual purpose clay bar is simple, although you will need to use it properly. Use any clay bar incorrectly and you will make a mess or possibly scratch the surface of your paint. Do not use detailing clay on plastic surface areas or headlight lenses.

    Wash and dry your vehicle to remove any loose dirt.  Most clay bars become soft as they get warm, making them less efficient so work in a cool, shaded area. Spray Anti-Static on an area of your car or truck (including chrome) and rub the clay bar back and forth with light to medium pressure.  If the lubricant starts to dry, spray more Anti-Static on the area.   Detailing clay is sticky and can not be used dry or you risk scuffing up your paint.

    After a few passes, pass your hand over the clayed area.  Keep reforming the clay bar to keep it clean.  Continue rubbing it backward and forward until all bumps and contaminates are gone. Then buff the Anti-Static residue with a clean towel till you see that lovely Showroom Shine.  Anti-Static is by far, the best lubricant for all clay bars.

    Used, filthy looking clay bars will safely get rid of stubborn, ingrained brake dust, road film and tar wheels that have a factory clearcoat or powder coat finish. Dirty clay can also be used to eliminate dirt film on glass windows.