Detailing Clay Bars

  • Special Sale Red Clay Bar $5.00

    Special Sale Red Clay Bar $5.00

    Red or Blue Clay Bar Special $5.00 price when you purchase 1 Gal. Anti-Static   Here's how: Add the Clay Bar Special to your cart, then make sure you add 1 Gallon of Anti-Static before you check out.

    Working with a detailing clay bar is very easy, but you must use it properly. Use a clay bar improperly and you will create a mess or damage the surface of your paint. Do not use detailing clay on plastic surfaces or headlight lenses.

    Wash and dry your vehicle to remove any loose dirt. Avoid direct sunlight. Many clay bars become soft as they get warm, making them less effective.

    Spray Anti-Static on a section of your automobile (including chrome) and rub the clay bar back and forth with light to medium pressure. If the lubricant begins to dry, spray more Anti-Static on the surface.  Detailing clay is sticky and can not be used dry or you run the risk of scuffing up your paint.

    Reshape the clay bar to keep it clean.  Keep rubbing it back and forth up until all contaminates and bumps are gone. Anti-Static is the perfect lubricant for all clay bars.

    Used, filthy clay bars will get rid of stubborn, embedded brake road, tar and dust film from wheels that have a factory clearcoat or powder coat surface.  Dirty clay can also be used to get rid of dirt film on glass windows.