Answers to your "Car Care" questions:

Q.  I have a BLACK car.  What can I use to make it have a deep shine?

Answer.  We have a number of products that will work well. My first choice is "Carnaba Plus" wax.  It leaves a deep wet look shine with a minimum of effort.  My next choice would be "Midnight Special".  It is easy on, easy off but it does make some powder and dust.

Q.  What can I use to get rid of the swirls in my paint?

Answer. There are many things that cause swirls.  Your choice of rag to remove the wax, a piece of grit or piece of bug left on the car and drug around by the rag, even how hard you wipe when you are removing the wax residue.  Start with the LEAST aggressive remedy and work up as needed to solve your problem, that way you will have the least wear and tear on the finish.  If the swirls are in the paint, using a carbauba wax formula will tend to fill in the swirls.  If this is not agressive enough try a cleaner wax with a mild abrasive.  This should remove the majority of swirls and you can fill in most of the rest with a good Carnauba wax.  If the swirls are mainly in the wax surface, just using a Non-abrasive wax with liquid cleaners will remove the old wax and fill in the majority of the swirls in the paint.

Q What is carnauba wax?

Answer.  Carnauba is the wax that protects the palm fronds of the carnauba palm in South America from the heavy rains and the extreme heat.  It is the hardest natural wax known and has been used for centuries as a protectant on all types of surfaces. Everything from wood tools to fine works of art (marble and polished granite), from food (apples, malt balls, Good and Plenty candies,) to the paint on cars.

Q. My Car is dull, what can I do to bring back the shine?

Answer.  Start with a good wash job.  Then I would recommend using an automotive clay (our Surface Preparation Bar is an excellent choice) to remove the surface contamination (industrial fallout, acid rain, heavy oxidation ) and any other crud that has welded itself to the surface of your paint.  Follow this with our Carnauba Plus Wax.   Do one section and check to see if your finish needs more cleaning and polishing.  You may need to get professional help if you are not experienced with cleaning or cutting compounds as it is easy to overwork your paint.   You can cause moderate to severe paint damage if you don't know how to properly use cutting compounds and buffers.

Q.  Can I use your wax on a warm surface or in the sun?

Answer.  You can use some of our waxes in the direct sun and on warm or even hot surfaces, others must be used in the shade and on a cool surface. READ THE DIRECTIONS on the bottle for the best results. If you want a product that can be used under almost any conditions, I would recommend "Carnauba Plus" non-abrasive cleaner wax. It is best used above 40 degrees farenheit but not in the rain.  It's safe to use in the direct sun and even on a black car in the summer heat.  I've had the surface temp over 137 degrees farenheit with no problem.

Q.  My car seems to be a dust magnet. I am forever using a duster on it.  Do you have any thing to help keep the dust from collectng on my car?

Answer.  The static electricity caused by waxing and wiping the surface is what causes dust to be attracted to the surface of your car.  We have a product called "Anti-Static Showroom Conditioner" that eliminates the static charge and will reduce your dusting somewhere around 30% to 70% depending on the area you are in at the time you use it --inside a garage or outside near a field.  The people at the car shows love it because it increases the shine in the showroom (even the chrome gets brighter) and reduces the dust.

Q What Can I use for my tires that is going to look good without drying them out, cracking or collecting dust?  I also have a problem with it spraying all over my wheel wells and on the side of my car as I drive.

Answer.  We have different dressings for different applications.  If you can't wait for the dressing to soak in, spray on Quick Detail and go.  Our dressings do not dry out or crack the surfaces they protect.  For the best protection and shine you'll find what you need on the dressings/protectants page.  The longer you let the protectant penetrate, the better - similar to conditioning your hair!  

CARNAUBA PLUS  -- the #1 Seller for over 13 years!!

Q.  What makes your wax better than the others?

Answer.  I really don't know. It's probably ease of use - they wipe on and off very easily and most work in the sun.   I don' know the formulas for the other waxes so I really can't tell you much about theirs.  I can tell you that there is no best wax for ALL cars and ALL conditions.  However our "CARNAUBA PLUS" is about as close as you will get.

Use ours next to what you are using now and if you don't like ours better, return it and get your money refunded ---100% including the shipping cost you paid.  Use the RA form for specific instructions.