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  • Gal Anti-Static Showroom Conditioner
    Gal Anti-Static Showroom Conditioner

    Gal Anti-Static Showroom Conditioner

    Want your car to look sparkling new at all times?  Simply spray and wipe to repel dust and dirt between regular washing, leaving it gleaming with a deep brilliant showroom shine you won't believe.  Stays clean and shiny longer with every use.  

    This impressive car care product does much more than just negate surface electricity and keep the dust away.  Anti-Static is perfect for removing overspray, finger marks, hard water spots, streaks, smears, and smudges.

    Suitable for use on almost all surfaces such as paint, fiberglass, windows, mirrors, shower doors, chrome, glass, and plastic, this versatile, anti-static formula proffers a polished, shiny look that will make heads turn.

    Easy to use, simply spray and wipe to get that deep, showroom-like finish. The shine is unbelievable! An absolute must for Car Shows.  Quart Size Available.

    Includes Bottle and Trigger Sprayer.  Special Offer:  BLUE or RED Clay Bar is just $5.00 with purchase of Anti-Static or Lubricant.