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  • Gal Carnauba PLUS Liquid Wax

    Gal Carnauba PLUS Liquid Wax

    Waxing your car with Carnauba Plus is the most cost-effective way to keep your car looking new and shiny even after years of use. High tech carnauba wax is designed for ALL conventional paints and ALL colors, especially black, red, metallic, and clear coat finishes. 

    Easiest and safest carnauba wax you will ever use.  Apply by hand Wax Applicator Pad or by machine using 7 or 9-inch Production C-17 wool pads. Never hardens or gets sticky - not even on a black car in the hot sun! Professional car detailers love the plus factor - no dust and no powder left behind.

    An impressive product, Carnauba Plus car wax gives your vehicle an absolutely brilliant, deep, and glossy shine that will leave you breathless and feeling proud that you are the envy of everyone around you.  Available in Quarts too.