Worlds Finest Car Waxes

  • Gal AX313 Auto Wax
    Gal AX313 Auto Wax

    Gal AX313 Auto Wax

    AX313 is a free-flowing liquid that spreads and wipes off easily with no hard rubbing - even in the sun. AX313 cleans, polishes, and protects all finishes; painted, metal, or lacquered surfaces.  This "yellow wax" has been producing an outstanding, high gloss shine that lasts since the 1970's. 

    Removes unsightly grooves and buffer marks. Works especially well with light and medium colored vehicles.  Removes road film and light oxidation.  Easy to apply, wipes off easily.  Hides scratches and swirl marks.  May be applied either by hand or orbital buffer. Low powder residue.